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For Art Consultants, Interior Designers, Developers, Architects, Galleries, Hospitality Industry, Corporate Display, Corporate Collection Curators, Display Home Decoration, collectors and home owners.


We offer original art in a range of media and we create small editions of 25-250 of museum-quality Limited Edition Giclee prints on canvas or on archival quality paper, with in-house state of the art facilities.

Contact us for an introductory meeting: We will be pleased to show you our collection, or if you
prefer we will visit you with a portfolio presentation at your premises.


  • Art reflects a company’s values:

Demonstrating commitment to the present whilst investing in the future.


  • Art reinforces and enhances corporate image:

Enriching the corporate culture for the people who work there.


  • Art makes a lasting impression on clients and business partners:

Strive for balance, simplicity and beauty in the given space to complete it with art that belongs, expresses & nourishes the space.


  • Art communicates and inspires:

Many corporations today understand that art can open up individuals, giving them new ways of seeing the world.  The thinking processes of employees can be directly or subconsciously stimulated by the influence of art in their work environment.


  • Art is an essential component in the design of any workplace:

Along with the furnishing it deserves equal priority, but art does so much more to enhance a company's image.


Please contact us with your request.

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