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Majik Moments offers imaging products and services including:

  • Stock images for sale
  • Printed images and fine art for sale
  • Corporate Art
  • Large Format Corporate Printing (up to 30m in length)
  • Printing of your images in large format
  • Creation of exquisite exhibition prints, portfolios, and digital albums
  • Large format printing services
  • Digital Photographic services

With over 30,000 stock images, we can provide the right image for your requirements, produce new images on commission, or print from your image.  If you want one of your images enlarged and printed off our wide format printer (e.g. on canvas), we can do that too.


The stock images have been produced by the photographers Ronald & Pananda Kohlman, both who are avid photographers and have been taking both digital and film images for more than 30 years.  They both love to travel and have circumnavigated the world many times, generally off the beaten track collecting images, "our passion for out-of-the-way travel is intense."

Their collection includes images from: South America - Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Easter Island, Tahiti, Malta, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Libya, Egypt, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Grenada, USA, New Zealand, and of course across Australia.


We offer original art on a variety of media and we also create small limited editions of 50-250 of museum-quality Original Limited Edition Giclee prints on canvas or on archival quality paper, with in-house state of the art facilities.


We have a number of images selected for "Original Limited Edition" prints.  For availability please contact us.  "A limited edition print is an image reproduced to a predetermined limited print quantity, to guarantee the rarity, collectability and future value of the print"

At Majik Moments we provide archival quality fine art reproduction, large format and panoramic printing services to Fine Artists, Interior Designers, Architects, Art Agents, Hotels and Art Consultants.


Majik Moments offices are located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia


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